Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's Play A Little Basketball!!

Two new sets made their way into the shop today. I am trying to get some more fun boy sets out so this weeks set is Basketball.  Of course there is a set for the girls too!!

Each set comes as shown. Or, you can order just the accessories without a doll. In these sets, you have the option to not only pick the Doll, Hair and eye color, you can also pick the uniform color and number as well.  Everyone has their favorite team and player so I thought it would be fun to let the kids pick the colors they wanted.  If you don't need a specific color or number, they will come as shown. 

I have to say, all of my felt sets have been so much fun to make.  I get to put a little bit of me into each set.  Today it also hit me that there are children out there playing with these sets that I have made.  Then, one day their kids may even get to play with them.  That makes them even more special for me. Have a great week every one! Oh and stay tuned for what is coming next.  I think I hear the sound of tires squealing. 

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