Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Set In Shop Today

Hello everyone.  This week is almost over so hang in there.  I hope you have all had a wonderful week.  I have been hard at work on a special order for a Fireman / Paramedic set and a few other sets.

I have finished up the set and it is now up for sale in the shop. I had a blast making this set. 

That little puppy is my favorite part of the set.

Here is the little Fireman ready to put out a big fire or maybe his puppy is hot and thirsty.

Here he is all dressed up in his Paramedic uniform complete with stethoscope and bag.

This set is available with or without the doll and includes:
1 - Hair (You pick color)
1 - Firetruck
1 - Fire Hydrant
1 - Fire Hose
1 - Fire Ax
1 - Fire Extinguisher
1- Fire Hat (You pick number)
1 - Fire Coat
1 - Fire Pants
1 - Pair Fire Boots
1 - Paramedic Shirt
1 - Paramedic Pants
1 - Pair Paramedic Shoes
1 - Paramedic Stethoscope
1 - Paramedic Bag
1 - Dalmatian Puppy

It can also be done as a girl instead of a boy.  There are more fun things to come!! Next week, there will be something totally new up for sale in the shop.  I can't wait to share it with you. So...until next week...Stay crafty!!

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