Monday, August 25, 2014

Busy Busy Me

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Hey everyone!  Happy Monday.  I hope all of you have survived the first week back to school if you have kiddos.  Ours was a little rough.  Boo broke his arm AGAIN on 8/8.  We had just bought him a new Razor scooter the day before.  Went camping that Friday and by that night we were in the ER getting his arm in a splint.
This is his arm when they pulled of the splint and were waiting to put on the cast.

 The orthopedic doctor put the cast on the 11th.  We were back last Monday to see how things were progressing due to the fact that the doctor had to reset the bone while putting the cast on.  It had shifted slightly so we will be back today to find out how it is doing again.  We were informed if it shifted much more surgery would be involved AGAIN.  UGH!!

This is what the x-ray looked like after the cast was put on.

Our kiddos went back to school on the 18th.  I am now the mom of a 4th grader (Boo) and a 10th grader (Lulu). 

 Having one in high school is not pleasant. Due to the fact that she has all advanced classes, her classes are scattered from one end of the school to the other.  Literally from one end up front all the way to the other end way in the back.  She was finally doing great on Thursday and Friday then over the weekend it went down hill and she was "sick and didn't feel well" over the weekend.  She was begging to stay home this morning to no avail.

I have been crazy busy with getting new items worked up and ready to go into the shop as well as a new custom order that I just finished up.

It is a little weather set.  It has clothing for each season and will also come with clouds, sun, rain drops and snow flakes when it is listed in the shop.  If anyone is interested in ordering one now let me know.  I have some ready to go I just have not gotten them listed yet.

Due to the fact that this set is going to be used as a class room tool, I added a pair of undies and secured the hair to the doll.

I am thinking about adding undies to all of the dolls I make from now on. Let me know what you think.  Should I add permanent undies or just leave them naked?

Well, I am off to finish up an order for some tooth fairy pouches.  I hope all of you have a great week.

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