Monday, March 10, 2014

More Easter Fun

I just finished up some more cute Easter goodies for the Etsy Shop.

Jumbo Felt Easter Peep Bunny In Glitter Prints Or Solid Colors
 These are Jumbo Easter Peep Bunnies in Glitter and Prints.

They are also available in solid colors as well.

Felt Easter Peep Bunny In Prints Or Solid Colors Set Of 4 Glitter & Print  Or Set Of 5 Solid Colors
I also have smaller ones as well.  They also come in the glitter and prints or...

Solid colors.

I think the glitter ones are my favorite.  These little guys are so fun and easy to make.  The kids are trying to bunny nap all of them but I have rescued  each one before they disappeared forever.  

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