Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weather Sets Are Now Available

The weather set that I posted about HERE and HERE is now available in the Storybook Felts Etsy shop.

There is a set for either girls or boys. These would be great in the school or home classroom to help teach weather.

Rainy Day Fun!

Snowy Day Fun.

There is an outfit for each season/weather type. It also includes clouds, sun, rain and snowflakes.

A Cool Cloudy Day.

Another Snowy Day.

As with all sets, you can request custom colors for any of the items in the set. Don't forget to pick up a storyboard/felt board to go with your set!! I have added new options for the felt boards.  They are now available with snow. Plus you can now order a two sided board with snow, grass or sand on one side with snow, grass or sand on the back as well. The snow with grass would be great for this set.

Come back tomorrow for more new item fun.

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